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Brand Holdings

Above Goal

Above Goal provides technology, media, fundraising strategy, and ongoing coaching to power the “cause” sector. Our flagship product, Above Goal, is the only commercial fundraising software designed specifically for capital campaigns



52nd Floor Entertainment

52nd Floor Entertainment is a premium gay lifestyle brand

Hair by Chanelle

Inspired by a phenomenal Black woman, Hair By Chanelle is a hair wholesaler that sources premium hair from South Asia


The original "Black America Corporation"

Est. May 2016

Black Folk in the Desert

Black Folk in the Desert celebrates the Black community in desert communities like Tucson, Phoenix, ABQ, Vegas, Amarillo, Reno, Yuma, and Southern New Mexico with media, events, and product offerings


Mr. K Ivan (mrkivan.com) is a singer, lyricist, and writer


His debut bedroom concert, The Solution, was recorded in 2007 and independently released as a rough demo in 2008


His second bedroom concert, Out of Mileage, was recorded in 2008 and independently released as a rough demo in 2009

Tucson Fly

Private membership club

Shareholder Products

Shareholder products are designed to maximize shareholder value by focusing on the most important corporate asset, talent.

Endless Sunday

Endless Sunday is an international senior living communities and services provider focused on the Black American community

97 Trading

97 Trading is an online business-to-business marketplace helping worldwide traders find new trade partners and business opportunities


Dope Office Parties is a social organization that plans a series of weekend parties in Arizona designed for financial services, consulting and technology employees as well as top sales executives.


Your exorbitant fees pay for all-expense paid party invites for top social sector employees.

Just Zip Away

Just Zip Away is a weekend digital travel platform.

Surprise! Luxury tailor made weekend travel is available. Your mandatory gratuity will be donated to a social organization.

week·end - the period from Thursday at Noon through Monday evening, regarded as a time for leisure.

Do you itch when you run?

ITCH.RUN tells one story on how you can overcome THAT ITCH you get when you run. Scratch Scratch.


Executively Managed By

Black America Corporation

The Black America Corporation sells social consumer and business products to generate revenue to fund the work of The Black America Foundation.


Black America Foundation

The Black America Foundation is the face of a social business ecosystem that intentionally centers the needs of Black America and is designed to create an environment for us to succeed through market-based, community-based, and advocacy based initiatives.



Poor White Party

Americans will finally get the representation in Washington that they deserve.
Coming 2022